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7th Grade Life Science
Mr. Gardinier, Mrs. Smith, Miss Smith, Ms. Strobakis
Correia Middle School - San Diego, CA

Mr. G has moved to Google Classroom during the COVID-19 School Closure

There will be a quiz on this tomorrow!

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How to Study for a Quiz or Test:
Before a quiz, go over the week's root words and key terms. These are highly likely on the quiz! Next, review any notes or activities/labs from the week. If there are any concepts that have been repeated or emphasized, there's a huge chance they will show up on the quiz. Last, review your journal topics.  Journal topics also become quiz questions.
Before a test, log in to Quia and review the current unit quizzes. Almost always, previous quiz questions are also on the test. Knowing these questions and answers will give you a huge advantage on the test. Your teachers have also made review activities to help you (Challenge Board and/or Battleship). Play the games and remember the correct answers! Last, review the previous week's vocabulary, activities, and journals. Remember that test points are worth more than quiz points.