Unit 6: Evolution


Choose one of the following Projects to complete:

Darwin Project
Related image Screencast biography of Charles Darwin's life, voyage around the world, and his subsequent revelation on the Theory of Natural Selection.

Evolution and Antibitoic Resistance

Develop a public relations campaign to help inform the general public about the threat of antibiotic resistance.

Designer Species

Create an new organism that will fit into ONE of the described scenarios. Develop a presentation that explains the specific adaptations  that have allowed it to survive, as well as possible explanation of its evolutionary history.

Realize that these will be used over several days. If you lose, delete or misplace yours, you still have to complete it all again, so it's best to keep track of it.


Evolution Guided Notes 1

Evolution Guided Notes 2



Develop a logical, well-supported hypothesis about how and when flight evolved in the dinosaur lineage.
Image result for birds in flight

Exploring Success

Develop  a website on a class of organisms that explains their evolutionary history, detailing the features that have provided opportunities for success, as well as evolutionary constraints

Correcting Misconceptions

Develop a public relations campaign that corrects common misconceptions on the topic of evolution.

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