Important Links: Need to access your Active Directory away from school?  Log-in to your school computer account and have access to your desktop and files using just a web browser.

Online Textbook, Resources, and Activities: So here you are at your grandparents house and your textbook is at home.  Never fear, technology is here!  Access your science textbook and more online.

Correia Middle School: Our school's website serves as our home-base for information and other online resources.

Google Docs: Many software applications are moving to the web and our class will have multiple opportunities to do so.  There are many benefits to creating your writing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets on Google Docs including automatic file saving, easy peer collaboration, and simple assignment submission to your teacher. Click HERE to get started with Google Docs.

Google Sites: With any Google account, you can also sign-up for Google Sites.  This is one of the easiest ways for you to compile an academic project as a website.  In fact, this very website is created using Google Sites.  Click HERE to get started with Google Sites.

Quia: This is where we will be taking our assessments this year including quizzes and tests.  You will need to login each time you arrive to Quia and simply follow directions.  Be sure to follow your teacher's instruction when registering your account.  You are responsible for your own user ID and password.  Click HERE to login to Quia's Student Zone.


QuickTime: In order to play all of the videos on this website, your computer will need to play .mov files.  Apple's QuickTime is free and available for download on a PC or Mac (if you have a Mac, you will not need to download QuickTime.  Click HERE to go to Apple's QuickTime downloads.

Comic Life: After using this program in class, many students ask their parents to have it on their home computer.  Comic Life has a free 30-day trial but otherwise is a purchased program.  They have two versions, the Standard at $24.95 and the Deluxe at $29.95.  The software is available for use with PC or Mac and it may run better at home than it does at school considering our laptops have limited resources for this graphic intense program.  Students find the 30-day trial is useful to finish up their class project.  Either way, you need parent permission to download and install this software.  Click HERE to go to the Comic Life website for more information and downloads.

Open Office: If you don't have access to Microsoft Office at home and are looking for free solution, Open Office has similar programs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others. It works on all different types of computers and is mostly compatible with the Microsoft programs.  Click HERE to go to

Scratch: Developed by MIT Media Lab, Scratch is a kid-friendly programming tool to create interactive animations, simulations, games, and more. You can learn how to use Scratch on your own as part of an advanced extra credit project OR wait until it is introduced in class.  Before you download Scratch or any program, always get permission from your parents.  Have them go to the website to learn more about Scratch.  I'm sure they would agree with me that Scratch is a huge benefit to your 21st century education.  The software is a quick download, is free, and available for the PC or Mac.  Click HERE to go to the Scratch download page.

Notebook: If you would like to download our SMARTBoard Software for your computer please first ask your parents!  You do not need to have a SMARTBoard to use the software and it is available for use on a PC or Mac.  Download the full install (software and drivers) if you want what Mr. G has in his classroom OR you can simply use the Student Edition.  Email Mr. G at his gmail if you need the product code for a classroom computer.  Click HERE to go to SMART Technologies' Download Page.

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Sep 17, 2011, 9:32 PM