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Unit 1 Journal Topics
Journal Topics may vary depending on your teacher!

Mr. G's Science Journals:

9/3 #1 - List 4 important rules or guidelines for using Chromebooks in our classroom.  Next, explain using several sentences why it is important for all students to follow all technology rules and guidelines at ALL times.

9/4 #2 - Find pages R10-R11 in your textbook.  Write out 5 rules that you think are most important to know and explain why laboratory safety is important?

9/5 #3 - Video Journal, 5 Steps of the Scientific Method.  Summarize the main ideas and list the five steps.  Click HERE to watch the video.

9/6 - NO REGULAR JOURNAL, Unit 1 Quiz 1 Today

9/9 #4 - Explain several ways scientists can collect data.

9/10 #5 - Video Journal, Accuracy, Precision, and Significant Digits. Watch video AND take quick/short notes.  Last, summarize the main ideas of the video in 2 well written sentences. Click HERE to watch the video.

9/11 #6 - Three students measure a room.  They each report their measurements: 10.2 m, 10.3 m, 10.4 m.  Were they precise?  Were they accurate?  How do you know?

9/12 #7 - Paste the screenshot of Google Sheets in your journal and label the parts. Last, explain what Google Sheets (or Microsoft Excel) is and what it can be used for.

9/13 - NO REGULAR JOURNAL, Unit 1 Quiz 2 Today

9/16 #8 - Explain how you are showing PRIDE values in science.  What are you doing well and what do you need to work on?

9/17 #9 - Video Journal, Fall Equinox.  Take notes and/or summarize.  Be sure to explain what causes seasonal changes.  Optional Bill Nye explanation. Two YouTube videos: Video 1   Video 2

9/18 #10 - Summarize our learning in Unit 1.

9/19 - Journals are DUE!