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Unit 3 Daily Journal Topics
Journal Topics may vary slightly depending on your teacher!

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Mr. G's Life Science Journals:

#1 - 10/20 - How do you know if something is alive?  Are these alive: fire? a river? a pumpkin? electricity?  How do you know?

#2 - 10/21 - What is life? Read all of page 10.  1. List the 4 characteristics of life. 2. Summarize "Needs of Life".

#3 10/24 - Using page 22, choose to sketch either a plant or animal cell.  Sketch the cell and its parts in your journal. Label the parts.

#4 10/25 - Cell Theory: Read all of page 13.  Summarize and list the three concepts of cell theory.  Explain what these concepts mean. 

#5 10/26 - Read "Louis Pasteur" on page 14 and "The Source of Bacteria" on pages 14-15.  Also, read the diagram on page 15.  Summarize.

#6 10/31 - Read "Structures That Process Information" and "Organelles That Provide Energy" on page 23.  Write a summary that includes the functions of the nucleus, ribosomes, chloroplasts, and mitochondria.

#7 11/1 - Read "Organelles That Process and Transport" on pages 23-24.  Write a summary that includes the functions of endoplasmic reticulum, vesicles, and the golgi apparatus.

#8 11/2 - Read "Organelles for Storage, Recycling, and Waste on page 24.  Write a summary that includes the functions of vacuoles and lysosomes.  Explain how vacuoles and lysosomes are similar and different.

#9 and #10 11/9 - MODELS ARE DUE TODAY!!!   DOUBLE Video Journal - Inside Look at the Flu: Take notes paying attention to the virus event time-line.  Click HERE to watch the video. (large file, be patient while it loads)

Mr. R's Life Science Journals:
10/26/15 (#1) Read p.9-10. List some CHARACTERISTICS of all LIVING ORGANISMS.
10/27/15 (#2) Read p.11. What is a CELL? List a few characteristics of cells. Click HERE to watch the first video
10/28/15 (#3) Read p.12-15. Cornell Notes: 3 FAMOUS SCIENTISTS= Hooke, Leeuwenhoek, Pasteur
10/29/15 (#4) Read p.13. What is a SCIENTIFIC THEORY? Describe the CELL THEORY.
10/30/15 (#5) Read p.23-24. Cornell Notes: What is a CELLULAR ORGANELLE? List 7 CELLULAR ORGANELLES and their FUNCTIONS (nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, mitochondria, chloroplasts, Golgi complex, central vacuole).
11/2/15 (#6) Review p.22. DRAW a PLANT CELL vs. ANIMAL CELL. Label all structures and organelles shown in the textbook.
11/3/15 (#7) Read p.20-21. Cornell Notes: Describe other CELL STRUCTURES: cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm.
11/4/15 (#8) Read p.20. What is BODY ORGANIZATION? Discuss the role of: cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, & organism.
11/5/15 (#9) Read p.28. What is SPECIALIZATION? List some examples.
11/6/15 (#10) Read p.32. What is a SCIENTIFIC MODEL? Why are they important for scientists and students? Click HERE to watch the video
11/9/15-U3 Journal Book quiz

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