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Unit 5 Daily Journal Topics
Journal Topics vary depending on your teacher!

We lost access to our media server. The videos below are no longer available online. I can give the video files to you via flash drive from my classroom computer. You can then watch the video on a student laptop. Or you can bring your own flash drive and then you can watch the video on a computer at home.

Mr. G's Journals:

#1 12/13 - Video Journal: Genetics History - Watch the 2 short videos and either take notes or write a summary.  Watch the 1st Video - Watch the 2nd Video

#2 12/16 - Class Read - pages 104-105 - Summarize.

#3 12/17 - Use page 116 to explain merling in Shetland Sheepdogs. Copy the example Punnett Square and do the one asked at the bottom. Write the Genotype and Phenotype for each.

#4 12/18 - Video Journal: History of Probability and Probability Calculations in Science - Take notes and/or write a summary. Watch Video 1 - Watch Video 2

#5 12/19 - Video Journal: Probability - Take video notes and/or write a summary.  Watch the video HERE

#6 12/20 - Video Journal: How is Probability Used in Real Life, Andy Skrzypacz Stanford University - Take video notes and/or summarize. Watch the video HERE

#7 1/6 - Video Journal:  Genetics 101 Take notes on each of 4 videos. Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4

#8 1/7 - Video Journal: Cloning - Take video notes and explain the ethics involved with cloning technology.  Watch the video HERE

#9 1/8 - Personal Genetic Testing with 23 and Me - Summarize what you can learn about yourself. Explain if you would do this. Why or why not.

#10 1/9 - Look through your notes, activities, and journal. Explain 3-5 take-aways from our unit in genetics.

Previously #4, not currently working:
Watch the Punnett Square Lemming Simulation.  Summarize the experience and explain how a long-tailed albino lemming was bred.  Click HERE to access the simulation (requires Adobe Shockwave).