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Unit 6 Daily Journal Topics
Journal Topics vary depending on your teacher!

Mr. G's Journals:

 1/16 #1 Read about Charles Darwin in your textbook on pages 193-194 and summarize.

 1/21 #2 Read pages 18-19 of Darwin's introduction to The Origin of Species (available in your team's bin). Summarize and explain. Discussion in class.

 1/22 #3 Natural Selection in Salmon: Read and study page 197 in your textbook.  Explain how salmon tails can change through natural selection.

 1/27 #4 Read about vestigial organs and similar structures on pages 212-213.  Write a summary.

 1/28 #5 Read about genetic evidence supports evolution on pages 215-216. Write a summary.

 1/29 #6 Read about extinction on pages 207-208. Write a summary.

 1/30 #7 Glue stick the comparative elephant sketch in your journal.  Compare the anatomy of the 1. Asian Elephant with the 2. African Elephant.  Last, explain how these changes may have come about through natural selection.

 2/3 #8 Video Journal: What do you get when you cross a mouse with a mango?

 2/4 #9 Video Journal: In the Beginning There Was Soup and Why Don't Horses Have Wheels? - Take notes and/or write a summary.  These sections are towards the end of the video starting at 17:03.

 2/5 #10 Summarize the BIG IDEA and KEY CONCEPTS for Unit 6. Use page 182.

 2/6 Journal Quiz