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Unit 7 Daily Journal Topics
Journal Topics vary depending on your teacher!

Mr. G's Journals:

#1 Read page 232. Explain Taxonomy and Classification.  Last, be sure to also explain what classification is used for.

#2 Read pages 229-230 about dichotomous keys. Explain how they work and why they are useful.

#3 Read "Linnaeus named more than 11,000 species" on page 231. Summarize.

#4 Domains and Kingdoms. Copy the chart on page 249.

#5 Read pages 238-241. Explain Biological Relationships, Physical Evidence, and Genetic Evidence. Use examples.

#6 Read/scan pages 242-245. Explain branching diagrams and cladograms. You may use drawings to support your explanation.

#7 List and describe all six kingdoms. Use pages 250-251.

#8 Classify and compare humans to chimpanzees. Explain what each name means.

#9 Read about kingdoms Plantae, Animalia, and Protista on pages 252-255. Summarize.

#10 Read about kingdoms Fungi, Bacteria, and Archaea on pages 255-256. Summarize.